When we work with you we establish a collaborative recruitment relationship. Our approach is consultative and we provide market insights and work with you on where you are branded in the market.

Our approach is to communicate throughout the process, adopt different strategies and work together to get the right person, in the right role at the right time. Each person we recruit is provided three follow up coaching sessions where you are provided feedback as part of our services.

For a select group of clients at any given time we also offer an ongoing recruitment monthly retainer which we can discuss with you, pending availability.

We also offer a 4 week guarantee on our services! If you’re not happy, everything is fully refundable! Why? Because we believe in partnership, and we want to work together to get you the best results.

Our Process



Perform job brief, agree timelines and devise resourcing plan.


Market map through extensive networking and digital sourcing channels


Provide feedback on search, salaries, market trends and employee brand and share our approach.


We engage with the candidates, interview and vet their suitability and provide you with a suitable shortlist.


We do reference checks, send offer contract, check in with the new employee and ensure they have a locked in start date.


We offer 3 follow up coaching sessions as part of our service where we lock in a 45 minute session, 1 per month with your new recruit and provide you monthly feedback while they settle in during probation.

Lauren is by far the most professional, skilled and experienced Recruitment Specialist I have worked with during my career. She has an excellent approach to the successful engagement of potential candidates into the business. She has a consultative communication style and is able to relate across all levels. She also approaches any redeployment processes with diligence and respect. Lauren is an asset to our business and has played an integral role in the improvement of our recruitment and selection processes.


We are a like-minded team who believe you hire attitude and train skill.



Our Process


Initial Briefing Meeting - We set the strategy

On acceptance of this assignment, we will organise a strategic resourcing session to get a comprehensive understanding of the role and your requirements.

It is very important that we establish what are the key selling points of the roles and the benefits of joining your business.

We become brand ambassadors for your business and we make sure that we are getting a sense of the perception of your business in the market as well as the appeal of your role in the industry.


Resourcing/Market Mapping - We research the market

Our market mapping and strategic search strategy is a unique streamlined approach that we offer our clients, which not only differentiates us, but is what makes us successful. Our processes and methodology are transparent which offers you peace of mind and an understanding of how seriously we commit to your search assignment.

We provide weekly updates and candidates as they are available as speed to market is critical in the current recruitment landscape.

We will establish dates in your diary for when we will present our findings and deliver on each stage of work.


Optional - Long List Meeting (confidential - dependent on role seniority)

Once we have completed our thorough market mapping, we will meet with you to discuss the confidential long list of potentially suitable candidates. We will talk through those on the list and gain your feedback, at that point we may need to continue to refine the market map to ensure we have a strong list of potential candidates to target.

This is a pivotal point in the process to gain market insights and an opportunity to see if anything needs to be altered to attract the right candidate.


Shortlist Meeting & Booking Interviews - We deliver quality applicants

We take what we do seriously, and we manage your expectations to deliver our shortlist within agreed timeframes and to the quality you expect. Fully committing to you and your search assignment; you can be assured we will partner with you until we find you the right people who will be a long-term investment in your success.

At our shortlist meeting we present our preferred candidates who we identified from our executive search that we have thoroughly interviewed.

From the results of the shortlist meeting, we will arrange interviews so you can meet the candidates we are representing to you for the role. This can be initially online or face to face at your offices.


Coaching and Offer Negotiations - We coach and close the offer process

We stay engaged with the candidate/s throughout the process, mitigating any risk, managing feedback and salary negotiations where applicable.

We get a lot of positive feedback from our candidates about our interview preparation that we do with our candidates and being credible recruiters who care genuinely about our placements- we develop trust and rapport through our processes which helps us convert an offer to a new hire for you.

We will complete reference checks with the preferred candidate/s permission once we reach the final stages of the process and will partner with you through the offer stage until the candidate has signed and returned your offer.



Do you feel like you are throwing job requirements to the universe with no idea when they will be filled?

Do you feel like you aren’t being listened to and your constantly getting CVs that don’t fit your business?

Are you tired of flushing your recruitment budget down the drain with transactional hires?

We know, we’ve been you. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience across client side and recruitment agency businesses. We’ve watched decades of ineffective briefing and hiring processes cost organisations time, money and staff.

Karan & Co takes an approach that brings together your culture, your needs for business growth and an experience to deliver.


  • You have the security in the knowledge that Karan & Co work with you until you get the people you need for as long as it takes.
  • We are not motivated by a volume perspective.
  • We fundamentally believe that this process can and should be done differently having worked both on the client and agency landscape.
  • We help you build the ship from within and we help you build your employee value proposition, position your brand in the market and work with a partner who is focused, committed and delivers you the right people, in the right roles and at the right time.


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Ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and actually get your roles filled?


  • “We’ve tried recruitment agencies but they often don’t know our understand the unique requirements of our market.”
  • “Recruitment agencies are not listening. I give them feedback and they send me the wrong people – wasting my time.”
  • “We have dramas with providers who are pushy and unethical. Contacting Hiring Managers direct and keeping HR out of the loop of the process. It’s frustrating they don’t understand our perspective.”
  • “I feel like I’m dealing with call centres and car salesman. I don’t want to be sold- I want the right solution for our business.”
  • “I feel like I’m constantly being harassed about candidates.”


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