Privacy Statement

We take your PRIVACY seriously…
We are committed to protecting your privacy and any information you provide to us.

This policy applies to all candidates, clients and users of our website who provide us with their personal information and all information that is collected by us through online applications and via any other means. This policy does not apply to our employees who provide us with their personal information.

From time to time, we will notify you of any changes or additions to how we handle your information. This could be when you complete a registration form, or receive terms and conditions relating to our business. When you receive this further information, please consider it carefully. Please also regularly visit our policies page on our website as we will update this Privacy Policy from time to time.

What is personal information?
Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you. This includes any personal information or opinions about you, whether true or not, no matter how the information or opinions are recorded.

Collection of your personal information
We collect information about you and the interactions you have with us. This includes when you request or use our services, seek employment with or through us, and when you communicate with us on the phone, email, through our website and other mobile applications.

Types of personal information we collect
Depending on the nature of the services we provide and the type of relationship we have with you, we may collect information about your identity and contact details, gender, nationality and right to work in Australia, information relating to equal opportunity, your health and fitness, employment history, qualifications and other related information.

If you use our website, online services and other mobile applications, information about your location and activities may also be collected. Such information includes IP addresses, telephone numbers and whether you accessed third party sites. It also includes information on the volume of site visits, date and time of visits, the origin of visits, pages viewed and the length of time spent on our site. Some of this information is collected through the use of cookies (see clause below for more information on cookies).

We may also collect information about you from others. This information may come from employers, former employers, family members or other service providers. We may collect information about you from publicly available sources including search engines, websites, social media, publicly available data bases, third party sources, referees, personal contacts, industry connections, website applications, website inquiries, Seek applications, free website job boards, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Seek Talent Search, other recruiters and from the information that candidates provide in questionnaires and interviews. We may also obtain information from your emergency contact in the event of an emergency.

How do we use your information?
We collect, use and disclose your information for a number of reasons. This includes so we can:
• establish your identity and assess your requests for employment or services;
• assess whether you have the right to work in Australia, if you wish to work for us;
• contact you in relation to any employment, potential employment, training or career management opportunities with Appoint Pty Ltd and any of
• our clients;
• enable our clients to contact you in relation to assignments, employment or potential employment opportunities;
• update and maintain accurate records with respect to your current availability for work;
• comply with any applicable legal obligations and assist government and law enforcement agencies or regulators;
• provide quotes, estimates and tenders for our services;
• administer our services and our role as an employer, including in relation to workers compensation claims;
• manage our relationship with you;
• manage our risks and identify and investigate any illegal activity;
• conduct and improve our businesses; and
• identify and tell you about other products or services that we think may be of interest to you. We may also collect, use and exchange your information in other ways where it is permitted by law.

• We will not use your personal information for any purpose which is not related to services we provide. We will not use your personal information in a manner contrary to this policy;
• We will use your personal information for the purpose of providing or potentially offering our services.
• We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that we hold is accurate and up to date. If you feel that information about you is not accurate or your details have or are about to change, please inform us and, upon verification, we will correct or update your personal information.

When & to who do we disclose your personal information?
We will exchange information between members of Karan & Co. This is largely to ensure that we may provide an integrated approach to all of our clients, employees and other parties with whom we engage. All Karan & Co members may use this information for any of the purposes as outlined above.

We may exchange your information with third parties where this is permitted by law or for any of the purposes mentioned above.

Third parties include:
• clients and customers of Karan & Co, and any of its members;
• service providers, including those to whom we outsource certain functions such as direct marketing, document production, debt recovery and information technology support;
• advisers and persons acting on your behalf, such as your doctor or solicitor;
• our financiers, investors, advisers and persons who may acquire rights to our assets;
• claims-related providers, such as assessors and investigators, who help us with claims; f) auditors and insurers;
• employers, former employers and potential employers;
• government and law enforcement agencies or regulators; and
• entities established to help identify illegal activities and prevent fraud.

If you are under the age of 16, or have special needs, we may share your information with one or more of your parents or legal guardians or any person appointed to manage your affairs.

What happens if you choose not to provide your personal information?
You are not obliged to give us your personal information. However, if you choose not to provide us with your personal details, we may not be able to provide our services to you.

Retention of Personal Information
We shall retain, use and disclose your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy until such time as you notify us that you require the information destroyed.
By accepting our services, you expressly permit us to use your personal information for our direct marketing purposes and the purposes expressly set out in this policy. You consent to our use of your information to issue product and professional mail outs by email, fax, social media or letters and undertaking other marketing or service-based activities. You may opt out of any direct marketing service at any time.

How do we keep your information secure?
We generally keep our records which contain your information on our premises and systems. Otherwise, we may keep them offsite using trusted third parties.

We use a specially designed, secure database for storing your information. We also train and remind our staff of their obligations with regard to your information.

When we interact with you on the internet through our website, apps, online services and mobile applications, we generally use a variety of tools and systems to protect against unauthorised persons and viruses accessing our systems. This may include encryption processes, firewalls, virus scanning tools and intrusion detection systems. We also limit access to your information by requiring use of passwords.
We generally only keep information for as long as required. For example, to be able to provide ongoing services and opportunities and to meet legal obligations and internal needs.

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure your personal information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. In the event that any personal information has been lost or subjected to unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure or other misuse (Data Breach), Karan & Co will take all necessary steps to immediately contain & rectify the Data Breach and prevent the Data Breach from future reoccurrence. Where the Data Breach is deemed eligible and likely to result in serious harm, Karan & Co will take reasonable steps to notify you and provide you with relevant information in relation to the Data Breach.

Sensitive information
In addition to this Privacy Policy, the Privacy Act 1988 protects your sensitive information. Sensitive information includes health information. For example:-
• information regarding pre-existing health and medical conditions and injuries;
• information relating to equal opportunity; and
• information relating to professional memberships.

If we need to obtain this type of information, we will collect it from you directly or if we wish to collect it elsewhere, we will ask for your consent, except where otherwise permitted by law.

Cross borders and sending information overseas
We may use Cloud computing or other technologies from time to time and your information may be stored or disclosed outside Australia. Some of our clients may also administer their contractor or employment requirements from jurisdictions outside Australia. We will not transfer your personal information to a recipient in a foreign country unless we have appropriate security arrangements and data handling systems in place. Please note that in some cases, overseas laws may apply to the data.

We may contact you in relation to new products and services and undertake marketing activities from time to time. If you do not want to participate in any of those activities or do not want to receive direct marketing from us, you can tell us that you wish to opt out of these direct marketing activities by contacting us at or by following the instructions to ‘opt out’ when we contact you about our new product and services.

We may also tell you other ways you can ‘opt out’ when we contact you about our new products and services.

Access to your personal information
You have a right to access your personal information, subject to certain exceptions provided for in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

If you would like to access your basic information (for example, details about where you have worked and your pay details), you can do this by getting in touch with us. Our staff will then refer your request to the relevant person in our business who can assist you. For security reasons you will be required to put your request in writing and provide proof of your identity.

We will generally not charge you a fee for giving you access to your information. However, depending on the nature and quantity of information requested, we may require that a fee be paid to cover the time and expense we incur in locating, compiling and explaining the information you ask for. We may require this to be paid before we start compiling your information.

We will make your information available to you as soon as possible but will endeavour to do so within 30 days of your request in writing. Before we give you the information, you will be required to establish your identity.

In some circumstances, we may deny your request to access your information, or otherwise limit the access we provide. We will only do this where we are legally permitted to so. In such case, we will explain our decision to you.

Where there is a dispute about your right of access to information, or about any aspect of this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the address listed below.

Updating your basic information
Given the type of services we provide, it is important that we have your correct details, such as your current address and telephone number. You can check or update your information by phoning us. You may also be able to do this online.

Can you correct your information?
If you believe we hold inaccurate information about you or have provided to others, you can ask us to correct the information by getting in touch with us.
If the information we correct has been provided by us to others, you can ask us to notify them of the correction. We will correct your information as soon as possible but will try to do so within 30 days.

What if we disagree about whether your information should be corrected?
If we disagree with you about whether your information should be corrected, we will let you know our reasons. If this occurs, you can ask us to include a statement with the relevant information, indicating your view that the information is for example, inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and irrelevant or out- of- date, whatever might be the case. We will take reasonable steps to comply with such a request.

How can you make a complaint?
If you have a concern about your privacy, you have a right to make a complaint. If you make a complaint, we will do everything we can to put matters right.
To make a complaint, contact one of our Director on 0429 009 034 or by email with details of your complaint.
We take complaints about privacy very seriously. We will review each complaint and will try to resolve the issue as soon as reasonably possible. We will also keep you updated on our progress in fixing the problem.

What are they?
Cookies are text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. As you browse, cookies gather information about your use of that website. They enable the site to learn your preferences and behaviour by sending the information collected back to the originating website each time you visit the site.

The aim of cookies is to enable the site to provide a more tailored experience to the user. Some types of cookies also perform essential functions to enhance the user’s experience and the site functionality. There are number of different types of cookies, including session cookies, persistent cookies, first and third- party cookies, necessary cookies, functional cookies, social and tracking cookies.

How we use cookies
We will use a combination of the various types of cookies from time to time. Our use of cookies will depend on what part of our websites and online services you use and what functions you request of those sites and services.

For example, in order to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (for example, banner advertising), there may be occasions where we allow third parties to collect analytical data from our site using their cookies.

Further, we may provide website visitor usage information to third party advertising servers in order to target our online banner advertising on other sites. We do not allow the capture or transmission of any site usage information that can personally identify you.

Please note that these cookies do not capture information that leads to your personal identity being revealed.

How to delete or block cookies
By checking your browser settings, you can control how cookies are used on your computer or device.

Please note that some of the cookies we use may be essential to ensuring privacy and protection of data and functionality. If you delete or block certain cookies, your experience on our websites and services may be affected. You may discover that functionality is limited, or some parts of the website do not work at all.

How to contact us
If you would like more information on privacy or have any questions in relation to this policy, please contact us. We can be contacted by telephone, email or mail as follows:
Phone: 0429 009 034
Mail: 59 Doggett Street, Newstead, QLD, 4006