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Lauren Launches The Building Doors Podcast

By December 2, 2022December 6th, 2022No Comments

If opportunity doesn’t knock, you have to build a door – and it’s this same philosophy that inspired Lauren Karan to create the Building Doors podcast.  

With over a decade of experience as a recruiter and development coach in the construction and engineering spaces, Lauren Karan found that her priorities rapidly changed after the birth of her two children. 

At the time, she felt that there were only two choices: return full time to the corporate world or opt to become a stay-at-home mum. Unsatisfied with the limited pathways and determined to balance her passion for recruitment with her new life as a mother of two, Lauren did what she does best and built a door. 

Karan & Co was first launched in early 2022 and has been designed to not just focus on recruitment services, but to prioritise retention as a means to help transform businesses from the ground up. As the Founder and Talent Director at Karan & Co, Lauren now spends her days coaching, consulting and providing solutions mostly from home while developing her other long term dream: the Building Doors podcast. 

What The Building Doors Podcast Is All About 

Fundamentally, Lauren has spent her entire career helping people achieve the professional success that they want. She’s worked with thousands of people across dozens of different industries and there’s one thing she noticed between those who have thriving careers versus those who don’t – successful people build doors, while unsuccessful people wait for one to be built for them. 

As such, the Building Doors podcast is a platform for Lauren to sit down and chat with all of the industry experts, movement creators and go-getters that she’s met throughout her colourful career and they discuss what it means to build a door, how to gain the confidence to do so and what her guests have learned along the way. 

According to Lauren, the Building Doors podcast is for anyone undergoing a transformation in their life. Regardless of whether you feel stuck in your current role, need some inspiration on what steps to take next, want to learn how to level up as a small business owner or simply want to listen to the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals, the Building Doors podcast is all about unlocking your potential.

“The idea behind the Building Doors podcast really does come from the heart for me. As a mum running my own business, I’m so fortunate to have access to so many amazing people. While I’ve gained so much from their personal insights, I thought that sharing this information with a wider audience has the capacity to inspire and resonate with people who may not have the same resources, and that they can walk away from an episode with tangible steps to take in order to reach their full potential,” says Lauren. 

Over the course of the Building Doors podcast, Lauren chats with people from all walks of life and across various industries, but they all have one thing in common: passion for what they do. Although you’ll have to listen to each episode to get the full scope, examples include discussing how to transition between industries with ex Marketing Director at Disney and current Think Brick CEO Elizabeth McIntyre, how General Manager at Georgiou Group Sean Donald managed to rise through the ranks despite only ever having two jobs and what it takes to build doors with best selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and host of the Win The Day Podcast, James Whittaker. 

At her core, Lauren believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. Through Karan & Co and now the Building Doors podcast, she’s building the life she wants without having to make compromises and wants others to have the confidence to do the same. 

“One of my favourite quotes is always, ‘if opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door.’ When something I want to pursue doesn’t exist yet, I don’t wait around for someone to offer it to me, I create it myself. The origins of the Building Doors podcast is to share this message with as many people as I can and inspire others to do the same,” she says. 

The Building Doors podcast will be launching on Monday 28 November and will be available on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. To say hello or express interest in a guest appearance on Building Doors, get in touch with Lauren today at

Lauren Karan

Lauren Karan

Lauren has over 12 years’ experience as a Technical and Engineering specialist recruiting in the building and civil construction markets. She holds a degree in psychology, accreditation in behavioural interviewing and psychometric testing and is also a certified organisational coach. Lauren is the Director, Recruitment Specialist, Certified Organisational Coach of Karan & Co.