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Episode 15 The Business Doctor: Working with Values in Mind with Ian Davies

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Ian Davies is a financial expert with extensive experience in management accounting, treasury, compliance, and business development. He has held senior finance roles for 25 years at James Hardie Industries and previously at Boral Australian Gypsum Limited. Ian’s immersive style of business consulting is underpinned by his strong values and beliefs, making him a sought-after mentor in the industry.

Now the founder of Shoreline Business Group, Ian creates tailored, effective, and proven management solutions to help unlock the wealth of your business.

2.20 Lauren asks Ian to talk her through some of the key moments that led him to where he is today:

  • Ian was seventeen when he went for his interview at James Hardie and had just turned eighteen when he started the job.
  • He turned down a big offer in 2000 based on his values, and he attributes that to where he is today.

6.00 Ian discusses how important it is to stick to his values in business:

  • Ian observes that when making decisions, it is not sufficient to only consider the financial aspect; rather, one should also take into account the common good and how it may affect one’s personal situation.

10.46 Cathy is keen to delve into what makes Ian so resilient in his approach to business coaching:

  • Through his experience, Ian has always believed in persistence and self-belief. It is his quest for knowledge, his drive, and his willingness to provide support that keeps him resilient.

12.48 Ian talks about some of the most common mistakes new business owners make:

  • Some individuals refuse to embrace change, even if their current approach is ineffective, and they fail to seek guidance when they need it most.
  • Ian believes it is crucial to determine if running a business is the right fit for you, as not everyone is suited for entrepreneurship. Some individuals flourish under the guidance of others, while others thrive independently.
  • Ensure that your idea or product appeals to the market and that you have the necessary financial resources to support it.

17.24 Ian talks about what it’s like to have difficult conversations with his clients:

  • Confront the problem directly without avoiding it.
  • Communicate openly and honestly without sugar-coating the facts.
  • Separate personal emotions from business decisions.
  • As an accountant at heart, Ian emphasises the importance of relying on factual information.

21.30 Ian talks about his successes:

  • Ian shares an incredible narrative of his involvement in overseeing the growth and eventual sale of a major company, from start to finish. He played a crucial role in ensuring his client’s successful outcome.

35.00 After a fun chat about exercise and health (and a sneaky glass of wine), Ian gives some advice to young people and their parents:

  • Empower your children with resilience, knowledge, and encouragement to make sound choices independently, free from peer influence.
  • When making a decision, ensure that it is based on valid reasoning and remain committed to it.

42.00 It’s time for the rocket round on random personal questions where Ian talks about his 48kg dog. Also, there’s a new rocket round question!

To find out more, visit Shoreline Business Group.

You can connect with Ian Davies on LinkedIn

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Lauren Karan

Lauren has over 12 years’ experience as a Technical and Engineering specialist recruiting in the building and civil construction markets. She holds a degree in psychology, accreditation in behavioural interviewing and psychometric testing and is also a certified organisational coach. Lauren is the Director, Recruitment Specialist, Certified Organisational Coach of Karan & Co.